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Welcome to the Southern Pines Public Library's (SPPL) Summer Reading website! Registration for Summer Reading and the Summer Reading programs will start June 1st. All summer long you can sign up online for SPPL Summer Reading 2015. Please create an account to get started.

Parents of children ages 0-4 are encouraged to use this Summer Reading site to track the minutes read to your child during summer 2015. Remember that as you track the number of minutes read, you earn Book Bucks. Book Bucks can be redeemed for cool prizes.

He loves to point to his toes and dace
Miss spider wanted friends to join her for tea. All the other bugs were scared of her. One day she helped a wet moth and the moth told the others. They were no longer afraid of her and they all joined her for tea and pie.
Elmo saw the lions, monkeys and seals.
We had fun kissing hands with sisters!!
We are finally starting to see little rewards of reading every day! Lilah now brings us books, signs for "want" and they have started to hold her interest for brief moments. She has even been pointing to pictures recently. Several nap & bedtimes now she has fallen asleep to the sound of me reading. We have gone through so many books that we now make two trips to libraries a week....Saturday mornings have turned into a family outing that we have enjoyed these past weeks!