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Welcome to the Southern Pines Public Library's (SPPL) Summer Reading website! Registration for Summer Reading and the Summer Reading programs will start June 1st. All summer long you can sign up online for SPPL Summer Reading 2015. Please create an account to get started.

Parents of children ages 0-4 are encouraged to use this Summer Reading site to track the minutes read to your child during summer 2015. Remember that as you track the number of minutes read, you earn Book Bucks. Book Bucks can be redeemed for cool prizes.

Miss spider wanted friends to join her for tea. All the other bugs were scared of her. One day she helped a wet moth and the moth told the others. They were no longer afraid of her and they all joined her for tea and pie.
We started reading another story most days at the start of quiet time / nap time and Lilah seems to enjoy this! Tonight, she enjoyed the Very Clumsy Click Beetle by Eric Carle, the pages clicked as you turn and the story has an encouraging, keep trying them. She enjoyed the pictures in "10 Little Rubber Ducks" and the button that made a duck sound at the end. My personal favorite were the sentimental "Always" by Emma Dod, "Miss Maples Seeds", and the fun one "A Perfectly Messed Up Story". We also enjoyed picture books (no words) in "The Farmer and the Clown" and "What If". As an educator, I took a course called "Storytelling as a healing art" and it was helpful to have pictures to guide the plot of a story...I could see being very creative with these as time went on and Lilah gets older....adding different details each time. What a special time this month has been with books!
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse box set, Train, Fish guide, Trees Leaves and Bark, Birds Nest and Eggs.
Peter wouldn't listen to his grandfather about not going into the meadow. He told Peter there was a wolf that would eat him. Peter knew that he could catch him. He did end up catching him but it could've been really bad.
Rainbow fush thought that he was better than all the other fish because of his pretty shinny scales . One day he hurt a little blue fishes feelings. The blue fishtold all the other fish. The didn't talk or pay attention to rainbow fish anymore. One day he gave all his scales to the other fish except one. He felt so good.